The funniest space memes on the internet

Last Updated: February 16, 2023

Space is a fascinating subject to learn about, although it can become complex very quickly. However, the meme language is one that can be understood by anyone on Earth. From astronauts to my grandma, everyone can enjoy a well crafted space meme.

This page is still under construction and we will update it as we come across more hilarious memes. Scroll down and see for yourself: no rocket science degree is needed, we promise.

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Funny Moon Memes

The moon has been the subject of a certain type of jokes for centuries. The dark side of the moon is somehow less scary place.

Funny Astronomy Memes

Stargazers have the reputation of being quite secluded, spending hours after hours in the cold dark night in the hunt for that perfect shot of the milky way galaxy. Well, it might be mostly true but all that free time also gives us time to create those next level cosmic memes.

Funny NASA Memes

NASA is not just a bunch of extremely smart scientist who only think about water on Mars or possible life on Europa. They also love a good joke and the below space meme are here to prove it.


You’ve come across a very funny space meme or you’ve created one yourself? Contact us and we’ll be happy to share it on this page. 

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