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black and white digital art of an astronaut
In this article, we’ll be looking at the long-term health impacts of space travel, and talk about how the human body adapts, or struggles to adapt, to this extraordinary environment.
astronaut and cosmonaut facing off

Why do we use two different words for people doing essentially the same job?

astronaut sitting on a toilet

Even people who go into space on a high-tech spacecraft after years of preparation need to go to the bathroom! Let’s find out how they do it!

astronaut spacesuit in space

Spacesuits are complex, human-sized spacecraft capable of providing protection in the harsh conditions of space. How much do they cost?

three astronauts enjoying their space meal

Enjoying a meal in space is a very different experience than on earth. Find out what kind of food astronauts eat during their space mission.

astronaut space walk

Scientists have long known that radiation levels are higher in space than what we experience on the Earth’s surface.

Astronaut in space

Ever since the first moon landing, many people have been wondering about the absence of stars on images taken by astronauts on the moon. 

rocket taking off

The end of 2021 witnessed the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. As we roll into 2022, here are 6 exciting missions to keep an eye out for.

where is the international space station

You could see the station a few times within a few hours, granted you are on the night side of the planet and you know where to look.

astronaut in space waving

Over the last few decades, only a few people have had the chance to go into space. Here are some facts about astronauts that may amaze you!

international space station orbiting the earth

Let’s take a look at how long it takes to travel to the Internal Space Station from Earth, as well as all of the intricacies involved in such a difficult journey.

astronaut holding a tablet

Astronauts may spend quite a long time working on the ISS. So, it’s important that astronauts communicate with their families regularly.

astronaut surrounded by smoke

Astronauts are strictly forbidden from smoking on board the Space Shuttle or ISS, and there are several reasons for this.

astronaut Scott Kelly on the ISS

In recent years, NASA has used social media platforms to keep the public informed about the progress of its missions.

an astronaut being carried after landing

There are three main reasons why astronauts may have difficulty walking on land after spending so much time in a microgravity environment.

astronaut floating in space

The length of an astronaut’s space mission is usually decided by the space agency that they work for. 

spacewalk astronaut spacesuit

If you are an avid follower of space exploration, you have likely seen the different types of astronaut suits that are worn by astronauts during their missions.

successful moon landings map

This interactive map shows the location of every successful moon landing so far. By clicking the hotspots, you’ll access some information about the mission.

apollo 14

In this article, we will count how many flags are currently on the Moon, and how many countries managed to plant their flag on the lunar soil.

rocketship flying to the moon

How long does it take to travel this far, and what are the factors that can influence the duration of this journey?

Countries that have been to the moon

Moon exploration has come a long way since Russia’s first lunar probe reached the Moon…

ISS orbiting earth

There are two active space stations orbiting around the Earth: the International Space Station (ISS) and China’s Tiagong Space Station (TSS).

iss size

You may have seen the ISS as a tiny point of light in the night sky, but in reality, the infamous space station is much bigger than you may think.

Artemis mission astronaut underwater training
How do astronauts train for space, particularly the zero gravity/ microgravity environment that is so different from the gravity we live in here on Earth?
an astronaut surounded by money

The requirements to become an astronaut are extremely rigorous. Does their salary match the difficulty of their profession?

sleeping astronaut
While the basic idea is still the same, there are a number of complications that can make sleep difficult in space, which astronauts have to adjust to.
spacecraft approaching Mars

There are many factors that can affect the duration of a journey to Mars, including the trajectory of the spacecraft, the speed of the spacecraft, and the position of Mars in its orbit around the Sun.

rocket taking off

With new advancements in spaceflight technology, the costs of space travel are decreasing, making the dream of spaceflight a little closer for us all.

voyager spacecraft
In this article, we explore which spacecraft has ventured the farthest from Earth, delving into its mission, capabilities, and the records it has set.
astronauts floating in space
Even though no astronaut has found themselves in this situation before, there are some contingency plans in case it happens.
space capsule atmospheric reentry artist rendition

Let’s go over the process of re-entry including the concerns and technological requirements of spacecraft along with the experiences of astronauts.

Moon Rover

Let’s talk about the people who have paved the way to the moon and made space exploration possible.

astronaut looking at floating bubble of water
We have all seen and probably have felt envious of astronauts floating in space. But why do they float in space and on the International Space Station?
astronaut in space bath tub rendering
Scrubbing up for our regular shower is important for maintaining good personal hygiene for our physical and mental health. However, being weightless, how do astronauts shower in space?
astronaut Alexander Gerst scrubbing the ISS interior

How do astronauts establish and maintain a clean, healthy environment? What do they do if someone gets sick? Let’s explore cleanliness and health in space.

satellites floating in the ocean

Meet the world’s only spacecraft cemetery: Point Nemo, a unique and remote underwater graveyard for retired satellites and space debris.

astronaut helmet floating in space

In this article, we look at what really happens if you take your helmet off in space. Are space movies right or wrong about this? Spoiler alert: nothing good happens…!

an astronaut in space with earth in background
Space exploration is a dangerous endeavor, and despite our best efforts to ensure the safety of the people involved, accidents have occurred.
astronaut loosing its tool
Every now and then, we all can have a case of the butterfingers, but what happens if an astronaut drops something, say a tool, during a spacewalk?
spacestation infirmary digital rendition
Explore the complexities of blood flow in microgravity and how space agencies plan to handle injuries and bleeding in space.
astronaut spacesuits in a shop
Explore the thrilling realm of space with our list of astronaut movies. Adventure, drama, and courage beyond Earth – these films offer it all.
an astronaut walking on mars
Discover the vital role of analog astronauts as they bridge the gap between Earthly training and celestial ventures.
astronaut playing saxophone in space
Packing for space is not your average vacation checklist. Learn what astronauts are allowed to bring for their emotional and psychological well-being.
man wearing fake astronaut suit
In the age of commercial space travel, the line between astronauts and space tourists has become increasingly blurred.
astronaut holding voting paper digital rendition
Learn how legal innovations enable astronauts to vote from space, highlighting the blend of technology and law that upholds democratic rights aboard the ISS.
international space station orbiting the earth

Discover the names of the brave men and women currently living and working aboard the two space stations currently in orbit around the planet.

astronaut wearing santa outfit and holding gift
23 Christmases have been celebrated in orbit, and these intrepid spacefarers have perfected the art of creating a holiday atmosphere unlike any other.