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Can astronauts use social media in space?

Last Updated: April 4, 2022

Ever since its creation, NASA has always tried to keep the public informed of its missions and achievements. Starting in the 1970s, NASA began to use television broadcasts as a way to keep the public up-to-date on its progress. These broadcasts would often include live footage of astronauts working or interviews from mission control. However, with the advent of social media in recent years, NASA has had to adapt its outreach methods to keep up with the latest trends.

So, can astronauts use social media from space?

Yes, astronauts have access to social media from the International Space Station, and they use those platforms to share photos and videos of their experiences in space. For example, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has become well-known for his social media posts from space, including a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” that has been viewed over 50 million times.

NASA has always tried to keep the public up-to-date with what is happening in space and with the astronauts. After all, the strength of the public interest for space missions and space exploration is an important factor at play when it comes to funding such missions. The more we support NASA, the more budget they have to continue their research and exploration. And with social media, NASA can keep the public engaged in a more interactive way than ever before.

What social platform do astronauts use to interact with the public from space?

NASA astronauts use a variety of social media platforms to share their experiences in space. Some popular platforms include Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s likely that NASA has a team of social media specialists that plan and advise on what type of content to publish on NASA’s social media profile. However, when it comes to the astronaut’s personal profiles, they are free to share what they want as long as they do not disclose any confidential information.

Usually, astronauts will post photos or videos explaining how things work on the ISS, things such as how do they shower? How do they sleep? and more. Sometimes, they will also post about the science experiments that they are working on, or about the progress of the mission. They rarely post about their personal lives, as those posts would not be relevant to their mission.

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Social media is a powerful way to reach out to the public and keep them interested in space exploration, and it will be interesting to see how NASA continues to use those platforms in the future. Could we ever see some sort of virtual reality experience where we find ourselves on board the ISS whilst an astronaut gives us a tour? Only time will tell!

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