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Frequently Asked (Space) Questions

This section of the site will focus on answering common questions about space and astronomy. Should you want a specific question to be answered, please contact us and we will be happy to work on it! We will update this section with more questions (and answers) throughout the year. Happy learning 🙂

Why do we use two different words for people doing essentially the same job?

Ever since the first moon landing, many people have been wondering about the absence of stars on images taken by astronauts on the moon. 

Everyone knows that the Moon is mostly gray. However, if you look closer, there may be a few other different shades up there.

Moon exploration has come a long way since Russia’s first lunar probe reached the Moon… 

The French astronomer Charles Messier created this catalogue which is now widely used in the astronomical community…

Discover some ways to predict when the International Space Station will fly over your area next.

The main actor in our solar system is the Sun since it contains 99% of all matter. Let’s talk about how big our sun is.

The entire stability of our solar system is based on the current order and location of the planets. 

Let’s talk about the people who have paved the way to the moon and made space exploration possible.

The gibbous moon is the name of one the transitional phase that the moon goes through every month.