The best rocket and spaceship toys for children (of all ages)

Last Updated: 16 December 2020

All astronauts were once curious kids who had thought they could fly into outer space. Touching the sky, surpassing the clouds, following the stars—everything started with some little yet brilliant spaceship and rocket toys! These toys turn children’s creative imaginations into reality during playtime.

Thanks to these toys, they can immerse themselves into the wonderful world of astronomy. The fun, excitement and, most importantly, the learning they can get from playing with rocket toys is a valuable experience that will boost their growing passion for science.

Those little rocket ship toys will bring to their minds concepts such as aerodynamics, space exploration, and astronaut life which will encourage their curiosity about the cosmos. These toys will provide them with a glimpse into aviation and spaceflights; into rocket structure and engineering, which might spark a lifelong passion. 

The main benefits of your child playing with spaceship and rocket toys are that it stimulates their imagination, supports their cognitive development and ultimately cultivates their curiosity.

Our selection of toy rockets will introduce children to the worlds of physics and astronomy and allow them to reach for the stars above!

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Rocket ship toys for 18 months + child

Early childhood ages are the stepping years in a kid’s threshold to discoveries. Allowing children to enjoy toys plays an important role in their social, emotional, mental and even physical development. It stimulates their inquisitive minds and allows them to better understand the small details of everything they do. For your children who are just beginning their “exploration of the world”, let them feel the joy of these rocket toys!

Its colorful, intelligent, and highly comprehensive design is what the young minds are interested in. Made with wooden material, its harmless and friendly components help kids exhibit their curiosity about astronauts, without causing hazards to their health. This magnetic stacking rocket helps children expand and boost their motor skills while introducing them to color and shape recognition. 

More than that, it also motivates their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and increase their independence! Given its wooden material, we can safely say that this toy rocket ship is durable. What makes this spaceship toy a great option is that it can be used to introduce astronomy to kids at an early age.

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Water splashes in a rocket? A captivating science play, indeed!

Young children are great observers, and at the same time, they really love to be amused! This fun toy creates an amazing water effect while featuring an awesome rocket ship structure.

Inside of it, a cute wiggling starfish can be seen, showing an ocean touch that children may also enjoy. What a great playtime indeed! This toy introduces cute science concepts such as fluid dynamics and introduces the idea of ocean and space exploration. This rocket toy is a fun way to make bath time much more interesting! Surely, whether kids are in the pool or tub, they will be delighted to make a splash while learning at the same time.

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Rocket ship toys for 3 years old + toddlers

At around 3 years old, Toddlers are beginning to adore “playing pretend.” This is the stage where they engage in games that gives them roles and characters. This includes personification of toys as well as using dressing-up clothing and more. For a little space lover, there is nothing better than a toy rocket that you could use to teach them about space exploration, planet-hunting or even what astronauts are. 

This little rocket has a functional, kid-safe toy drill to build the rocket, with a popping Bolt Buddy astronaut, along with its puppy companion to place into the cockpit, which will eventually launch into a pretend-play fun. Delivered with techy, fun-looking, and colorful components, this rocket toy is absolutely a great choice if you want to provide your toddler with a stellar way to refine their motor skills!

Through its pedagogical design, it will facilitate hand-eye coordination and analytical work that will help them solve problems and achieve goals independently. What makes this toy a valuable asset is its ability to combine scientific activities with childlike characteristics. A superb toy to consider as a gift for your little scientist!

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This space shuttle toy will bring your child into the wonders of the cosmos! With its very interesting components, this toy will surely facilitate games that will provoke educational thinking in your child’s mind. This miniature rocket can be opened via two compartments: the cockpit and the central chamber which contains a replica of a robotic arm.

The rolling wheels, as well as the sound and light effects, really create a great astronomical atmosphere that will awaken your child’s interest in physics!

Moreover, thanks to its premium and non-toxic materials, safety is being promoted. With this toy, you can now allow your little ones to learn how to be ready for “adventures and space missions”. This is truly an awesome toy for a toddler who’s a space lover.  There will be no dull moment even if this toy is played with for hours.

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Rocket ship toys for 4 years old + toddlers

Rocketship miniatures, little astronaut toys, and space shuttle-lookalike objects are examples of the things they want to play pretend with. By these ages, they are further developing their motor skills, by which curiosity to the physical world is involved.

Unquestionably, kids deserve hours of outdoor excitement. This rocket launcher will provide hours of fun while introducing certain concept such as flights, projectile motions, and aerodynamics! Let your smart youngster be thrilled with how high this toy rocket can fly in the sky!

Its light colors, its design, its soft jumpy foam, and overall rocketship design will make any child feel like a NASA executive. To infinity and beyond! It is easy to operate and perfectly safe for children’s to play with: the kids will cherish their childhood while learning about air propulsion. Its storage is also a plus, it was crafted into a durable stand that can be folded for an easier storing process.

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This rocket model has 4 stages where your child can use the figurines to simulate the daily life of an astronaut inside. Very engaging and demonstrative! As your kid discovers astronomy little by little, this Kidkraft rocket ship playset will stimulate their creativity and imagination while improving their engineering and organizational skills.

It is made of very sturdy materials, which ensure that this toy can be played with for many years. Miniatures of astronauts, extraterrestrials and robots allow them to conceptualize the idea of space adventures and cross-species friendships. With its many elements and compartments, children can share with other children and enjoy learning together!

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Rocket ship toys for 5 years old + youngsters

At this age, children will have a greater capacity for attention than toddlers, which is due to their mental and physical development. Fortunately, these astro-inspired rockets are the best for keeping their attention on learning while having an entertaining experience.

This playhouse is definitely an excellent way to immerse children in a cosmic setting that will captivate their imagination. What’s better than offering them a kids size rocketship tent in which they can indulge themselves in imaginative space missions.

The tent is lightweight, very easy to set up and takes no storage space.

Inside this rocket-inspired tent is an amazing cockpit décor that is truly inviting and satisfying for kids! These lively illustrations are graphically designed for the eyes of young people to stimulate their interest in astronomy.

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Would you like to build a spaceship with your kid? Let your youngster experience what it feels like to be an astronaut or a researcher on planet Mars! This LEGO set will facilitate cognitive development by putting together the shuttle and promote learning about astronomy. Ideal for any young aspiring astronaut!

The set features 2 astronaut minifigures, a cockpit, an open cargo compartment, a flying drone, a rover with a grappling arm that go along together to bring your child towards the wonders of space exploration. Let your child pilot this space research shuttle and create an imaginative world in which he or she lands and takes off the red planet’s surface!

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Rocket ship toys for 6 years old + kids

Creativity, problem-solving skills and curiosity also increase with age. Children are always in the midst of adventure and fantasy, looking forward to wonderful daily activities.  Bring them the best science-related rocket toys to keep them reaching for the stars!

This is when the world of structure and electrical engineering collide! With its very comprehensive patterns and enjoyable designs, kids will really enjoy building this little spaceship.

From its nose cone and nozzles to its space rover with light-up headlights, up to its landing pad with color-changing light effects, it is indeed an out-of-the-world toy!

This cute STEM toy is the perfect gift for all children who like to solve problems and assemble things for a rewarding result. Although the toy is perfectly safe to operate, it is always advisable that children playing with electronic toys should do so under adult supervision.

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This mission rocket with a launch site toy will bring the fabulous world of astronomy to any child. With its miniatures and mechanical components, the set offers many ways for kids to play pretend games and enjoy themselves. These diverse, practical and realistic equipment and tools are inspired by real-life astronaut tasks and will stimulate children’s creativity and critical thinking skills.

If you’re looking for a rocket toy that will provide hours and hours of fun, this is your best pick! Playmobil is a powerhouse in the toy world: their toys are safe, made of sturdy materials that will pass the test of time and bring joy to many children.

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4 Things to consider before buying

1 - Entertainment Value

Children have a great imagination. They are captivated by features that are both realistic and imaginative. When it comes to entertainment, they can have the best playtime when they are given fue toys.

When choosing a rocket ship toy, look for the ones that can help them stimulate their imagination. Because they like to play pretend games, the toy should be simple to use while having nice illustrations, fun colors, and interesting effects such as light and sound.

2 - Educational Value

This is the most important part of children’s play. When choosing the best rocket toys for them, choose a model that has features that stimulate brain activity, incite creativity and satisfy curiosity. They are in the development stage, where they are still discovering so many new things every day. Playtime can be a very important learning moment for them.

Choose toys that have sufficient educational value; this is the best time for them to reveal their abilities, whether they are motor, logical, scientific, spatial, visual, verbal, etc. Good examples are rocket ship toys that have been designed with cool mechanical effects, intriguing structural styles, and engaging visuals.

3 - Is it age-appropriate?

Children of different ages perceive the entertainment value of a toy differently. Some are fascinated by sounds, lights, movements, and visuals. 18-month children are more into spatial concepts. For toddlers, they really want to experiment with play pretend, dressing up and toys that engage with their curious mind.

Children aged 4 years and older are more engaged in interactive and experimental activities where their socialization and creativity are further explored.

Older children (6 years and older) will benefit from toys that can help shape their character, creativity and academic skills.  Always consider their age before giving buying them a rocketship toy.

4 - Is it safe to play with?

Toys are part of a kid’s sanctuary; it provides them with hours of fun, brings them comfort when they feel down and bring them happiness when they get a new toy. Because of it, you need to ensure that the toys they are playing with are safe and non-hazardous. Toy boxes and instructions include age instructions and warnings that cover the child’s age appropriateness.

Children need to be able to have fun and feel safe when they play with toys that are neither toxic nor dangerous and that contain harmless components.

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